Lemon Water Guide

As soda and coffee consumption continue to rise in this country, you may be on the lookout for a healthier beverage alternative. In fact, while soda and coffee may be tasty to drink and give you a temporary kick in energy, these beverages actually offer relatively few, if any real health benefits. When you want to start your day with a drink that is scientifically known to contain an impressive range of nutritional and health benefits, you should consider adding lemon water to your diet. This drink is sugar-free and contains a host of vitamins and minerals that you need for good immunity, energy, and other important daily factors.

Lemons, in fact, contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and fiber, just to name a few of the nutritional essentials required for good overall health. Scientists often call them a super food because lemons contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, yet still provide many of the daily vitamins and minerals that people need. Even more, lemons can be added to both cold or hot water, depending on your preferences, to create a drink that will taste good and also help you beat your addiction to caffeine. This fruit is cheap, widely available, and provides more daily nutritional benefits than grapes, apples, and other fruit favorites.

Before you try this drink, however, you should remember some important preparations. First, it is vital that you wash off your lemons with warm water and a mild soap. Some grocery stores also sell fruit wash that you can spray on your lemons and then wipe off with a paper towel. Washing your fruit gets rid of the bacteria and fungi on the rind. You should also remove any seeds in your lemon slices. This step will help you avoid choking on a seed and also will keep your drink tasty and refreshing.

What Does Lemon Water Do?

As interesting as it may sound to try lemon water, you may be wondering what this drink can actually do for you. In fact, people who have tried it say that this beverage has helped them overcome their addictions to drinking coffee, tea, or soda first thing in the morning. Many people rely on caffeine-filled drinks to help wake them up in the morning and give them a boost of energy they need to start their days. However, after a few hours the caffeine has worn off, leaving these people feeling lethargic and in need of a nap. When they switched to this fruit water, however, people say that they get their boost of energy and still feel refreshed and invigorated for hours at a time.

This water also can help you fight off a cold or the flu. With its massive amounts of Vitamin C, the drink can give your immune system the fuel it needs to kill off any infection and help you recover faster. Many doctors say that people who are under stress or endure long days at work or school also are at risk of developing colds and the flu. This drink can help you remain healthy and strong even while you undertake your stressful daily schedule.

Finally, this water also can help your digestive health. Because lemons contain fiber, you will feel full sooner and avoid overeating. This benefit may help you lose weight. You also will avoid being constipated and bloated because your bowels will move better. While drinking plain water is important for good health, you may not be able to stomach plain water. When you fill a glass of water with lemon slices, you will enjoy a tastier treat and reap vital nutritional benefits each day.

Why Is Lemon Water Good For You?

Along with providing important digestive and immunity benefits, lemon water also helps the outside of your body as well. In fact, when you drink plenty of water, your skin stays hydrated and you avoid developing wrinkles and crow’s feet around your eyes. By adding lemon to your water, however, you also reap the benefits of consuming Vitamin B and calcium, both of which are essential for good skin, teeth, and hair. Many scientists argue that this water can be a natural age-defying booster without you having to take vitamins or buying expensive beauty products.

This beverage also plays an important role for your bone health. As women age, they often face developing osteoporosis. You may be unable to take calcium tablets or drink milk. However, this fruity water has the calcium and potassium that is required for strong bones. You can avoid drinking milk or digesting calcium pills by adding lemon slices to a glass of water each day. Along with helping your bones stay strong, adding lemon to your water also helps your joints stay limber and pain-free. People who have arthritis and gout may find relief by adding this drink to their daily diet. Lemon juice is known to fight uric acid, which can build up in a person’s joints if he or she has arthritis.

Finally, lemon juice in water is known to offer relief for heartburn. Despite lemon juice itself being acidic, when it is diluted with water it provides a natural relief for acid reflux and heartburn. If you prefer not to eat chalky tablets or drink heartburn liquid medicines, you can add lemon slices to a cup of water for fast relief. This beverage helps many people find the natural relief they need for many health ailments. You can also wean yourself off coffee, tea, and soda by trying lemon water first thing in the morning.