Benefits Of Lemon Juice And Water?

As you get older, you may on occasion suffer from upset stomach, heartburn, and indigestion. In fact, these ailments typically go hand-in-hand with aging. Many people make the mistake of believing that little can be done to cure these symptoms, other than taking chalky and foul tasting over-the-counter tablets or liquids. However, if you personally disdain of such remedies, you can improve your dietary health by drinking lemon juice with water.

Because lemon juice itself is acidic, you may wonder how exactly it can help calm an upset stomach and quell the worst bout of heartburn. In fact, this juice can effectively balance the acid content in your stomach as long as you combine it with water before drinking it. When it is combined with water, lemon juice takes on a more alkaline nature and becomes an effective antacid. If you suffer from heartburn or nausea immediately before or after eating, you can keep your digestive tract in check by drinking this water first.

Timing can be everything, however, when it comes to reaping the maximum digestive benefits of water and lemon juice. You should ideally drink it right before you eat a meal, around a half hour or so before sit down to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With this water in your stomach, you can look forward to digesting your meal better and experiencing fewer side effects like reflux, belching, and bloating. Even more, you can go about the rest of your day without dealing with heartburn or the urge to vomit as you might otherwise before adding this lemon water blend to your diet.

Is Lemon Juice And Water Good For You?

While you may be able to appreciate the effects that water and lemon juice have on your digestive tract, you may wonder if this blend is actually good for you. In fact, it is good for you simply because proper hydration is crucial to enjoying good health. Even if you do not add lemon juice, you can still benefit by drinking plain water alone. However, when you add lemon juice, you reap greater benefits because lemons are a powerful super food full of essential nutrients your body needs. With that, whenever you add this juice to your water, you are providing your body with the minerals, vitamins, and more it needs to stay healthy.

You may well know, for example, that lemons are full of Vitamin C. If you do not want to eat a chalky Vitamin C tablet, but still want to find a way to fight frequent colds or sinus issues, you can give your immune system the boost it needs by drinking lemon water each day. Even a single glass or bottle of this water can vastly improve your immune response. Rather than take a multivitamin or rely on hand washing or hand sanitizer to keep yourself cold and flu-free, you can prepare your body for battle against these common infections by adding this water infusion to your daily diet.

Like other people, you also may want to boost your energy levels. When your caffeine has worn off and you are battling a mid-afternoon bout of fatigue, you can re-energize yourself by drinking lemon water. Lemons contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your metabolism. In time, you may be able to wean yourself from caffeine entirely and stay energized and alert by drinking lemon water several times a day.

Does Lemon Juice And Water Burn Fat?

One of the biggest questions about lemon juice and water involves its ability to burn fat. While scientists disagree about whether or not it can actually burn fat, it can help you lose weight in a couple of key ways. For instance, if you have a bad habit of overindulging during meals, you can cut back on your portions by drinking lemon water fifteen minutes prior to eating. The water will help you feel full, and the lemon juice will satisfy your cravings for rich and fatty foods.

Likewise, this beverage helps speed up your digestive process so that your intestines do not have time to absorb excess amounts of fat from your food. Because your bowels are moving faster, you eliminate fats that could cause you to gain weight. Good bowel health is essential if you want to lose weight. When you want to avoid constipation that could lead to weight gain and bloating, you can keep your digestive tract regular by drinking lemon water.

Finally, water and lemon juice help speed up your metabolism. When your metabolism is higher, you burn calories more effectively and keep weight off. Along with eating sensibly and exercising, you can assist in your own weight loss by drinking this water infusion several times each day. In fact, it acts as a detox if you drink it before bedtime at night. Your body is able to get rid of toxins that could be causing you to retain weight.

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