How To Make Cucumber Lemon Lime Water?

The rising popularity of adding lemon juice to water has given rise to the notion of adding other fruit and vegetables to lemon water as well. People are eager to experiment and find the perfect combination that tastes good and gives them the healthy benefits they need. Because lemon tends to be a distinct flavor in and of itself, it can be a challenge for people to strike the perfect balance without taking away from the health benefits or the flavor of this fruit. With that, many individuals have discovered that lemon pairs well with cucumber and lime, making for a beverage that is both refreshing and healthy.

When you want to make your own cucumber lemon lime water, you can adjust the amounts of all three ingredients to find your perfect balance. A typical recipe, however, calls for you to squeeze the juice of the lemon and lime into a glass of water and then add slices of the cucumber to enhance the flavor. Some people like to steep their cucumber mixture overnight or at least for a few hours in the fridge before enjoying it. Steeping the cucumbers lets the natural flavors and oils mix thoroughly with the lemon and lime juice, as well as the water.

Other recipes call for you to boil halves of limes and lemons in water and then letting the water cool overnight in the fridge. Boiling the fruit halves can release more intense flavors and also add essential oils to your beverage. Essential oils, in fact, are said to help fight off diseases like the measles, chicken pox, shingles, and other illnesses that can be deadly. After the water has cooled, you can then pour it into a glass, add the cucumber slices and ice, and then enjoy at your leisure.

How To Make Mint Lemon Lime Water?

Along with adding cucumber, you may also try adding mint to your lemon water with lemon and lime. Mint offers several notable health benefits, including aiding your digestion and freshening your breath. Even more, it adds a unique flavor to almost any beverage, such as water with lemon and lime juice in it. Mint can be purchased fresh from any grocery store. You should wash it off thoroughly before adding it to your mixed water drink.

In order for mint to release its full flavor, it must be allowed to steep before you drink your water. In fact, just as some recipes call for you to boil lemon and lime halves, you can enjoy the fullness of the mint by boiling it in a pan of water. After the water boils and cools, you should then strain it to remove any mint leaf fragments. The strained water will still retain its mint flavor, letting you add the lemon and lime juice to your preference.

Along with adding lemon and lime juice, you can give your drink more of a mint flavor by adding clean, fresh mint leaves to your glass. The leaves also will give your drink a nice appearance if you plan on serving it to your family or guests. Some people prepare this drink in large quantities and store it in jars for future use. This drink benefits your health and can satisfy your palate when you want a tasty treat.

How To Make Grapefruit Lemon Lime Water?

Another great flavor that pairs well with lemon and lime is grapefruit. Grapefruits are also known as a super food in their own right and can help fight diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blocked colons, and heartburn, among others. They too have massive amounts of Vitamin C, fiber, Vitamin B, and protein, making them a perfect fruit to combine in water with the juices from lemons and limes. You can enjoy a powerful citrus beverage of your own making by trying a recipe that calls for these three fruits to be combined in eight ounces of water.

The best way to combine these three fruits would be to squeeze the juice out of each one into a glass or bottle full of cold water. You can squeeze the juices by using a juicer appliance. However, most people simply cut the fruit into halves and then squeeze the juices into their glasses. You should take care to remove the seeds before squeezing the halves, especially if you plan on serving the drink to children. Seeds pose a choking hazard and should be removed before the juice is squeezed from the halves.

Given how tart each fruit can be, you may think that the water will be too acidic and sour to drink. However, the three juices help balance each other out, creating a refreshing combination that can satisfy even the most fragile of palates. You can also use more water if you find the juices to be too tart. The recipe gives you the freedom to experiment to find the perfect juice balance for you.

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