How To Make Lemon Honey Water?

When you want to spare your budget and enjoy a beverage that you know is fresh and healthy, you can make your own lemon honey water at home. Making this beneficial drink proves to be easy, affordable, and quick, even if you have little or no culinary experience. As long as you commit to buying fresh ingredients, you can create your own lemon water with honey and begin to enjoy all of the health benefits that this drink provides.

The key to making this drink centers on using fresh lemons, clean water, and a good quality honey. Most grocery stores today keep a fair stock of lemons available for customers. When you go to buy this fruit, you should inspect each lemon to make sure it is free from bruises, mold, rotting, or other damages. You can buy commercially grown or organic lemons, whichever you prefer. Both varieties should provide you with the large amounts of Vitamin C, fiber, protein, and other nutrients that you need for good immunity and overall wellness.

Like your lemons, you should also make sure the water and honey that you use are clean and fresh. If your own tap water is not fit for drinking, you can buy bottled water from your local grocery store. Likewise, you should buy a high quality honey from a reputable brand. Once you have these three ingredients, you can then make your own water with honey and lemon in your own kitchen. The recipe simply calls for you to halve a lemon, remove the seeds, and squeeze the juice into your bottle or glass of water. You can then stir in several teaspoons of honey to suit your particular taste. This drink takes only minutes to make; however, you should use the freshest and cleanest water, honey, and lemons possible to reap the maximum health rewards.

Does Lemon Honey Water Reduce Weight?

Given the sweetness and sugar content of honey, you may wonder if this lemon water helps you lose weight. As long as you avoid using too much honey, you can lose weight and feel fuller during mealtimes, which in turn helps you avoid overeating. However, you should time your consumption of this water carefully so that you benefit from its weight loss qualities. You should also avoid using this drink as a mealtime replacement more than once a day.

Many people who use this beverage to lose weight drink it right before a meal. They consume a bottle or glass about fifteen minutes to a half hour before they eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In turn, they report feeling fuller and less tempted to indulge in large portions during the meal. They eat smaller helpings and often lose weight because they reduced the amount of food that they consume during the day. This drink also acts as a mild diuretic and helps your bowels move better. When you are able to move your food better throughout your digestive tract, your body resists absorbing too much fat during the digestion process. This improved digestion likewise is important to losing weight.

Because this drink is so satisfying and makes you feel fuller, you could use it as a meal replacement for one meal per day. However, you should avoid replacing more than one meal if you want to lose weight successfully. You need to eat a balanced diet and avoid starving yourself while you are using lemon water with honey to help you lose weight.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lemon Honey Water?

Lemon water with honey offers you a diverse range of benefits. Perhaps the most obvious benefit centers on its ability to help you fight colds and minor infections. If you are prone to coming down with colds quite often, you can boost your immune system by drinking this Vitamin C-rich beverage. You may be able to fight off colds and the flu better by adding this drink to your daily regimen.

Likewise, if you experience constipation quite often, you can enjoy better bowel health by drinking water with lemon and honey. Lemons contain high amounts of fiber, a dietary component that is needed for regularity. When you drink at least one bottle or glass of this beverage each day, you benefit from improved hydration and also adding more fiber to your daily diet.

The fiber, antioxidants, and protein in lemon water with honey also benefit your skin. If you deal with blotchy or dull skin, you can improve your appearance by adding this healthy drink to your daily diet. In time, you may be free from the blemishes, acne, dullness, and dry patches that many people with bad skin deal with on a daily basis. You also may have shinier hair and fresher breath because of drinking water with lemon and honey in it.

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