What Is Lemon Mint Water?

Lemon and mint are both all-natural and powerful foods that can greatly impact your health for the better. If you suffer from common complaints like heartburn, bad breath, frequent colds, or low energy, among others, you can feel better and enjoy renewed health by drinking lemon mint water. The recipe for this lemon water blend proves to be easy to follow and very affordable to make. It also does not take much time out of your day to prepare.

Lemon water with mint can actually be considered an infusion of sorts because you do have to allow the mint to fuse with both the lemon and the water. If you want to enjoy the full effects and flavor the mint, you cannot simply drink it immediately after adding this ingredient. Rather, you must allow it to sit for a few hours, if not overnight, so that the mint can infuse itself into the beverage. In fact, many people make large batches of lemon water with mint and keep this drink stored in jars. It ideally should be kept cooled in a refrigerator so that the mint and the lemon do not spoil.

However, once it is fully ready to enjoy, you can drink it every morning before breakfast or every night before bed. It is perfect to drink anytime of day, although the morning and nighttime tend to give your body the best chance to maximize its health benefits. If you drink it in the morning, it will help satisfy your hunger and also give you the energy you need for the day. If you drink it at night before bed, it acts as a detox and helps your body’s digestive system work better. Regardless of the time of day you enjoy your mint and lemon water, you can enjoy knowing that you are consuming healthy amounts of Vitamin C, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and more.

What Are The Lemon Mint Water Benefits?

One of the biggest benefits that comes from drinking this water blend centers on improved immunity. Mint has long been appreciated for helping people fight colds and congestion. In fact, many people who are sick with a cold or the flu drink mint tea because the mint helps clear their sinuses and calms their stomachs. Likewise, lemon contains large quantities of Vitamin C, which has also been long known as a nutrient needed for good immune responses to disease and infections. When you combine these two ingredients in water, you consume vital nutrients that you need to feel better and avoid falling sick in the first place.

However, lemon and mint also help your oral health as well. Many people today suffer from bad breath and poor dental hygiene. You likewise may not have time to brush and floss properly after every meal. When you cannot get away with chewing gum at work or want to avoid offending important clients with bad breath, you can freshen your mouth with lemon water with mint. Both ingredients can cleanse your mouth and also freshen your breath. Drinking a bottle or glass of it is just as effective as chewing gum or eating a breath mint.

Finally, people love to drink this infusion because it benefits their skin and hair. Proper hydration is crucial for keeping your skin free from blemishes and wrinkles. However, lemons and mint both contain antioxidants that fight skin damage like age spots, acne, and oily skin. Along with washing your face each day with soap and water, you can improve your appearance by drinking mint and lemon water.

Can You Drink Lemon Mint Water While Pregnant?

When you are pregnant, you must avoid drinking many popular beverages, particularly in your first trimester. Your doctor may tell you to stay away from coffee, soda, tea, egg nog, and of course, alcohol. However, weaning yourself off flavorful drinks can be difficult if you have always enjoyed a can of soda or a cup of coffee each day. You can satisfy your cravings and enjoy a drink that is perfectly safe during pregnancy by making yourself lemon water with mint each day.

As is often the case during pregnancy, too much of a good thing can actually be ill advised. As such, you should take care to avoid consuming too much of this water blend if it causes you to experience bloating, frequent urination, or heartburn, among other symptoms. In moderation, however, this water can give you and your unborn baby the nutrients you both need for good health.

You also would do well to let your doctor know that you are drinking this natural infusion. While it is safe to drink during pregnancy, this blend may cause your glucose levels to spike during your mid-pregnancy blood tests, especially if you drink too much of it prior to that testing appointment. Overall, this drink can help you avoid pregnancy-related beverage cravings and also help you stay healthy until you deliver.

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